Review: Nine-to-Five Fantasies: Tales of Sex on the Job

Nine-to-Five Fantasies: Tales of Sex on the Job
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Nine-to-Five Fantasies: Tales of Sex on the Job by Alison Tyler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Crank up the air condition or turn on a fan. Ms. Tyler brings to life sexual fantasies involving working men and women readers see in their daily lives. Ms. Tyler brings together a gaggle, herd, pard or is it a murder of authors to tantalize kinky readers. The theme of this book tying every story together are fantasies and hook ups with people in the service industry. Reading the introduction of this book will help make sense of these "classified ads" turned dirty.

There are the usual working men used for fantasy fodder like construction worker, plumber, mechanic or the pool boy. This collection takes it to the next level. Each of the authors takes an occupation and eroticizes it in glorious detail. This is a book to be kept by the bedside table for inspiration into hot sexy roleplay. Every story is kinky in its own way. The stories are tightly written with a clear beginning, exciting climax and satisfying ending. There are different permutations of mf, ff and fm. There are a couple of delicious ménages. For those who enjoy sampling an erotic buffet, this book is catered for you.

My favourite ones are the ones which are harder to find in erotica. Ms. Valenti provides a lovely twist in "Driver's Seat" with a female chauffer for a newlywed couple. This is a smoking hawt wedding night. This Ffm ménage is a little taste of heaven. The next one to wet my wick is "California Dreamin'" by Ms. Dale. In this short story, the much stereotyped pool boy is actually a pool girl. And this lonely wife enjoys a good time getting more than her pool cleaned by this young sweet worker. The incorporation of a video chat for the wife's husband kicks up the heat in this tale.

Always a favourite of mine, it is no surprise to find "SM, or How I Met My Girlfriend in a Queer Theater" is written by Ms. Renarde. This one is beautifully written with a plot, conflict and possible public exposure. Both voyeurs and exhibitionists alike will find this one appealing. "Body Work" by Ms. Zane completely caught me off guard. I had to re-read sections of this twice to make sure I was reading the story right. I have to confess, mechanics do not really turn me on. After reading Ms. Zane's manly mechanic who enjoys being pegged hard by a shy and sexy woman, I am rethinking my stance.

The last story of this delightful collection ends with "Close Shave". This is a fitting closing tale at it contains the kinky maledom up my alley. I have never stepped foot into a barbershop and now when I pass by one, I will always think of this story. Ms. Tyler has ruined me for hairdressing salons. This is a kinky piece with a dominant barber who knows just how to wield his belt. This collection is fantastic because it opens a reader's mind to more possibilities. It makes me want to read classified ads and come up with my own little fantasies. This concept is creative and fresh. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy taking every day scenarios and breathing sex into them.

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