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Raven's Cry Raven's Cry by Breanna Hayse
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Exquisite addition to The Darkness Series. Raven is a young virgin who fantasizes about the depraved debauchery in the House of Depravity. She wishes she could experience the same erotic pleasures heavily used in the Strictland Academy. Be careful of what you wish for… Raven is sexy, young and innocent. She is also fertile which makes her ideal for Henry and Kendrick Albright. These two brothers offer her a chance to experience deviant pleasures. When presented with a contract, Raven eagerly signs it with her eyes wide shut. One should always read the fine print. Whisked away to Merry Ole England, Raven is wedded and about to be sexually enslaved.

The BDSM fantasy kinks in this story are phenomenal. Ms. Hayse does a fantastic job with all the dark kinky fetishes I enjoy. There is ageplay, enema play, bondage, piercing, D/s and more. The focus on Raven's tight little pucker is delicious. The descriptions of Raven's defiling leading to her cries and begging of mercy is music to my ears. Raven is a bit bratty and it is nice to see Henry and Kendrick put her in her place. This story does warn readers of being dark. I would rate it a medium dark. This is because Henry and Kendrick are actual quite sweet. This is an erotica with more romantic dub-con mood than dark cruel sadistic hopelessness. The happily ever after hints at a possible delicious follow up with more ageplay. Ms. Hayse is my go to ageplay author so I am hungrily awaiting the next book in this series from her sexually creative mind.

The sex in here is graphic which is thrilling. It arouses the reader and makes them either reach for their partner or a search for a toy. The m/f/m formation is well done and I like how Henry and Kendrick balance each other. They are ruthless men who know what they want and they are unapologetic about it. Still, they do possess tender feelings for Raven which is why it makes this story so good. They may want to fulfill all of Raven's dark desire, but only on their terms. Raven definitely bit off more than she can chew if her red bottom is any indicating. Personally, I would have enjoyed a bit more thrashing of Raven's naughty bottom. The anal scenes were my favourite and I loved her humiliations. If Raven appears again in another book featuring ADBL and a strict nanny, that would be delightful. I would not say no to some graphic f/f play either, especially with Raven as the submissive bottom.

There are a couple of threads in this story which seemed to have petered out. It made no sense for Raven's aunt to accompany her to England. There are also statements about what happens to her aunt and uncle. It would be nice to have her witness some of their punishments. Perhaps more to come in following books. This series is one of my favourite dark erotic romances with dub-con themes. Recommended for kinky erotica readers who enjoy dub-con, piercing and anal play.

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