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Two Cuts Darker
Must read darkly erotica with rich imagery @joelysue #bookreview #
Two Cuts Darker by Joely Sue Burkhart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Darkly erotica with rich imagery, Two Cuts Darker pulls a reader in and gives them a rough sexual read. In this fantastic follow up, Charlie's older brother, Vincent is under suspicion. Vincent may be the killer who is working with human traffickers and then killing off broken and used up merchandise. Vincent may be a killer with a thirst for blood, but it is never as simple as it seems.

Ms. Burkhart turns this upside down by providing an anti-hero killer who is a closet masochist. It boggled my mind when I learned exactly what gets Vincent's rocks off. I love it. Vincent is a walking paradox. He takes complicated to another level. The fact that he can function after all he has been through is short of incredible. It makes me sneer at all the whiny ass babies crying about their first world problem daddy issues. Vincent is a character who harks back to the days where men were men. They understood they had issues and they didn't let it keep them paralyzed nor did it prevent them from finding a way for it to work for them. Vincent may be afraid of becoming his father but he will do whatever it takes to stop that from happening. Vincent's choices are his own, not his father's, not his mother's.

This story pulls out a lot of rage in me. I completely understand Vincent and I want to kill them all. The tale definitely brings out my bloodthirsty side. The erotica in here is not so much sexually arousing as it is adrenaline rushing. My panties are not wet because I am turned on with sexy scenes. Instead, the violence and primal power play is what floods my body with endorphins. Knife play kicks it up a notch and makes the sex sublime.

The character building in this story is fabulous. I really liked the layers to Vincent. The love interest for him is a crazy mo-fo Madison Archer. She is aptly named "Mads" because she is loco. The stunts Mads pulls makes it clear she and Vincent are a match. They both seem to have a death wish. They both intend to bust open the crime syndicate run by Vlasenko, a Russian mobster. The villains in this story are messed up. Vlasenko is a complete scumbag. He has no regard for women, even his wife. It is disturbing because he supposedly loves her so much and yet what he allowed to have happen to her leaves me speechless. The other secondary characters are just as well designed. It is nice to see Ranay and Charlie again. In this one, Ranay seems rather foolish many time and I just wanted to slap her. She is a weakness for Charlie and he can not seem to say no to her. Their bit of D/s is pretty hawt especially in the tense environment.

This is a book with unconventional love filled with rough body play and a femdom undertone. Thoroughly enjoyable as it packs a powerful punch. Highly recommended to dark erotica lovers who enjoy something different.

*I received an advanced copy from the author and *provided by NetGalley


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