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Worth More Than Words Worth More Than Words by Michael Barnette
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The Romance Review

Where is the rest of this story? WORTH MORE THAN WORDS brings us into the creative mind of Mr. Barnette. His cyberpunk stories always appeal to me. This one is a bit lighter on the techno/cyber world building than previous ones by him.

Jin and Topaz are agents working for a covert agency known as the Organization. This is a mix of criminals given a second chance and agents with an impeccable record. Jin Donovan and Damon Champion are examples of this dichotomy. Fans of La Femme Nikita will enjoy this story. This tale carries a similar vibe.

The world building in this story is mediocre. The different factions are hinted at and left unfinished. The plot is okay with a Mission Impossible style ending. The conflict which is Jin needing to be rescued is the problem for me. There are speculations as to why Jin was taken. This thread is left flapping in the wind. This story felt incomplete, as if we only reached half our destination and then decided to go no further. This is disappointing.

I do enjoy the techno concepts with Jin as a technomancer and Damon as a biokinetic. These enhance the story and I wish there was more exposure to the different types of psi-powers. What makes this story good for me is the romance and the characters. Jin and Damon are both admirable characters. They are easy to visualize and like. Their relationship is forbidden which makes it more stimulating. The fact that their relationship does not seem to impact their work directly or indirectly is a missed opportunity to further develop the plot. The sex scenes between the two are sweet and amorous. It is fun to watch Damon express his softer side towards Jin. This erotic romance is recommended for m/m readers who enjoy a bit of cyberpunk.

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