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Change of Heart Sweet, slightly steampunk and attention grabbing @LillianaRose2 #bookreview #
Change of Heart by Lilliana Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sweet, slightly steampunk and attention grabbing, Ms. Rose is a new to me author who has my attention. Change of heart is a tightly written piece about a romance wilting away. This book is set in a Victorian steampunk era which is quite appealing. Ms. Rose's writing voice invites an intimacy between her and the reader. It is almost as if she is sharing juicy gossip or tasty story.

Her characters, George and Vickie are a young couple whose love has faded away and is almost completely replaced by duty. This breaks Vickie's heart. George knows the problem and wants to save his marriage before it is too late. These two characters are easy to relate to because these feelings occur throughout time. By alternating third person point of view, the reader sees from both George and Vicki's side.

The conflict and twist is nicely set up and executed. It would be a bit nice if there were a little bit more to the ending. Because the resolution came swiftly and leaves a nice little hook with a possible follow up story. If a follow up story includes Vickie's new vocation or expands into the Vicki's adventures, it would be quite lovely. A little more steampunk added into the world building would also enrich this possible series. Recommended for romance lovers who enjoy a little suspense and an airship.

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