Review: Declawed

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Declawed by Elizabeth Monvey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Mutilated Logan's story is here in DECLAWED. Logan first appears in the previous book in this Divergent Species series. This book can be read as a standalone. Although, reading the first book will help give more background and emotional investment.

Logan is a shifting cougar who is trying to adjust to his freedom. Heinously experimented on when he was captured by a wackadoodle scientist and human hunters, Logan still suffers PTSD. It does not help that Logan is a man with severe abandonment issues. When Shawn, one of the enforcers who saved him, sticks close by, it confuses Logan. Having to face the loss of his claws is more than Logan can bear.

This short story is predictable and moves pretty quickly. The character development is just enough to get a feel for Logan and Shawn. The conflict is mild and easily resolved. The reason I picked up this story is because it contains mpreg which always tickles my fancy. I like to read the responses of males when their condition is revealed. The shock, sometimes horror and confusion amuses me to no end. In this one, Logan's response is very different than Ajay's in the first book. As Shawn and Logan struggle to determine what they mean to each other, this added variable only adds to Logan's stress.

The story concludes a bit too quickly for me. I am a bit disappointed there is no forward movement in finding out how these hunters originally found the shifters. Perhaps this thread will be carried through and more developed in the next book in this series. Recommended for m/m paranormal readers who fancy mpreg storylines.

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