Review: Enrolling Little Etta

Enrolling Little Etta Enrolling Little Etta by Alta Hensley
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ageplay and historical conjures up delicious erotic feelings. In Enrolling Etta, the ageplay is light and sweet. Henrietta is forced to attend a special finishing school by her uncle. For a twenty year old spending the past five years taking care of her ailing father, going back to school is the last thing on her mind. This school is run by Philips Hartley. He does have a bona fide school for young ladies. Behind locked doors, there is a hidden school where young ladies become little girls.

As a fan of Ms. Hensley, this story is a bit of a surprise. The historical aspect is nicely done. The ageplay parts are light. The nanny, nursery and toys are all expected. The examination with a doctor is a bit too short for my taste. I wish it lasted a bit longer. Surprisingly, the kinky ageplay is quite light. This is good for those who just want a little taste of being a little.

The plot is what confused me about this book. It felt as if the story was being pulled in multiple directions. The set up for how Etta is shipped off to the school works well. It is clear, Etta's uncle is a jerk. For those expecting a deep immersion into the little lifestyle, this does not happen. Instead, Etta is whisked away by a stranger out of the blue. This conflict feels contrived. There are hints that this stranger is more and yet none of that is realized or revealed. The characters in this story also felt half developed. Philip and Etta are just okay. Many of Philip's actions make little sense. For example, to have a trusted caregiver, Nanny Mae to be removed so easily seemed odd. The new Nanny to replace Nanny Mae is even stranger. Her character made little sense. It only makes Philip come across as an impulsive headmaster who is poor at his job. He is incapable of making the right staffing decisions as three of the nannies he staffs, he tosses them aside for one mistake. With the issues coming up with Leda, Philip further demonstrates he is not able to assess littles correctly. Philip is a hot mess.

I would have liked to see more interaction between the nannies and Etta. More interaction with the other little girls would have been nice too. Developing the plot around the secondary character, Leda and her issues would have enhanced the story. Lastly, removing the thread with Thomas would have made the story tighter for me. If there were an increase in sexual punishments this would also have increased the erotic heat. Overall, this book felt as if it were trying to add too many pieces at the same time which leaves a reader feeling disjointed. This is a 2.5 Star book for me.

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