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Exquisite Trouble by Ann Mayburn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Although this may be the first book in the series, for me, it comes better after reading the third one. In Exquisite Trouble, Swan, Sarah's twin sister is trying to live a life of her own. She is out from under her father and stepmother's influence. She loves them, but staying in a prepper's compound is a bit too isolated. Super smart, she is ready to take on the outside world. This dream to be independent is curtailed quickly when she is drawn into her birth mother's crazy schemes.

I really enjoyed this book and now I am becoming more of a motorcycle club fan. Granted this motorcycle club holds more honourable men than in reality, still, it is alluring. Swan is an interesting character. I thought she would be similar to her twin, Sarah. Swan is a little like Sarah but different enough to distinguish between the two women. Swan is less violently bloodthirsty and more diplomatic despite her social awkwardness. She is cute and adorable. She is pragmatic and like a fluffy bunny to be cuddled. Everything about her amuses me and makes me like her. I could easily see her as a friend. She is admirable.

Smoke is an curious match for her. I can definitely see he has a hero complex. It is easy to see why he wants Swan so badly. Although there seems to be two other men who catch Swan's attention and could potentially steal her away from Smoke. Thomas and Hustler are both rather dreamy men and seemingly good alternate choices. Honestly, the men in this series are all to die for sexy wet dreams. Is it realistic? No. Do I normally like it in a story? No. But for some reason, Ms. Mayburn turns up the charm and I'm easily swayed to like all these studly alpha men showing their sexual prowess.

The hints of sexual dominance is a constant tease. Ms. Mayburn is a queen of cocktease in this book because she keeps telling about these sexy D/s leanings and yet she never shows the readers the goods. *pouts* There are no hawt kinky sex scenes in this book. Okay, there are some hawt sex scenes but not kinky enough for me to get my BDSM desires satisfied. It isn't about the toys. It is all about the power exchange which never really happens in this story. Still, the sex between Swan and Smoke is a nice little fire to whet one's appetite.

The plot of this book makes more sense if one reads the third book in this series first. The story ends leaving a reader desperately wanting to read the very next book immediately. This well written book is highly recommended to erotica readers who enjoy bad boys and girls who can make them sweat.

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