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Gideon Gideon by Marie Harte
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Back to the fabulous world where Circs go primal and into mating heat. Yum! When I saw Ms. Harte announcing a new one in this series, I became a bit moist down there… The Circs are dangerous humans with their DNA messed with so that they become almost like monsters. In this new breed, the protégée of the original mad scientist has mutated the strains even more. None of these humans are volunteers and instead of pulling from military men, these are men with a criminal past.

Gideon just wants it all to end. He has been tortured for longer than he can count. They have cut off body parts and also sliced into him. The latest, burning off his balls and dick is the last straw. He will do whatever it takes to break of out this secret lab and killing all the guards and medical staff as he exits. His only friends are merely body parts floating in a medical jar. Gideon is a man with nothing to lose.

This is one of the darker books in this world with more explicit torture. This helps set up the vibe for this new crop of Circs. This new group forming their own pack is not so willing to follow the rules. It works to their advantage. This is a nice addition to this world because the men are anti-heroes and this makes them alluringly dangerous.

The sex is hands down hawt. Ms. Harte writes erotic gang-banging sex exquisitely. No other can compare. The scenes are not raunchy. They are testosterone filled physical domination scenes which cause my panties to become drenched. The descriptions are vivid and incorporate several of the senses. Ms. Harte paints a wild picture of men gone primal. Throwing one lone female in the mix is so good. I can vicariously live through this battle of the sexes copulation.

The plot to the story is a nice set up for potentially more books in this series. This book does finish nicely with a much needed retribution served. There is still a little left open to set up for a following book. One only hopes it will not be another four years before she returns to this world. Recommended to paranormal romance lovers who enjoy parahumans engaging in violent sex and retaliation.

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