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Inversion Point Inversion Point by Jenn Burke
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Stunning follow up to book three, INVERSION POINT is a page turner. Zander and Felix are back with Zander doing the bidding of the Guardians. This time, he is greeting a new alien race coming into the sector. As an emissary, Zander is not sure what he will need to do. He just knows the politician and government agendas are distasteful.

Fortunately, the Chaos crew and his lover, Felix aka Flick will be with him. What he doesn't expect is to meet Flick's ex-lover, Theo. Zander may want to space the handsome charismatic devil but cannot. Unfortunately, Theo is also the main ambassador for the humans. Zander will need to play nice as Theo brings out Flick's rare smiles and exuberant laughter.

The romance plot to this story works well in parallel with meeting the new aliens. I really enjoyed the world building here. Ms. Jensen and Ms. Burke do an outstanding job with character creation. It brings back fond memories of STNG for me. These organic crystalline aliens blow my mind. Their power, thought imagery and ability to adapt all tickles my fancy. For those who are mild sci-fi geeks, the descriptions are not too technical to cause eyes to glaze over. Instead, learning about these new aliens keeps a reader's interest hooked. I particularly liked the way they communicate. It is one of my fondest dreams.

The conflicts in this story come in two folds. The author duo do a nice job of hitting Zander hard from both a personal and professional manner. This nicely ties Zander's relationship with the fighting, conspiracy and government restrictions. Each of the characters and groups respond as expected in this story. Flick's low self-esteem shows up and enhances the story. The AEF jerkwads make decisions which are so frustrating. It is not unexpected, but it is shocking when they try to strong arm Zander into yielding.

The human government's callousness is a definite hot button for me too. When the government tries to confiscate the new alien's gift offered to Flick, it makes my blood boil. I am completely invested in this story's outcome and with the characters' situations. How they feel, I respond the same. When they are outraged, I see red. When they are frustrated, I am screaming. When they feel deep pain, I tear up.

What I do like is how Zander carries through with his threats. He is no pussy allowing the military to run over him. This tale finishes with a satisfying resolution. It almost feels as if this could be the end of the series. The authors do leave a little hook to entice readers to hope for another book. Recommended for space opera readers who enjoy m/m romances, aliens and angst.

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