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Lost And Found Lost And Found by Willa Okati
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Mpreg lovers, this is hot erotica book for you. Ms. Okati is a new to me author who writes smoking hawt shifter sex between two men. Bree and Matthias are lovers separated by a conniving father looking for a more advantageous mating for his son. Bree is a special one in his pack of werewolves because he is an Omega. In this world building, it appears all shifters are males and Omegas are the ones who can be bred during heat.

From a plot perspective, this story is predictable and simple. The world building is light and only readers who are well versed in the paranormal world with shifters would appreciate it. There are quite a few threads which petered out or explained away in less than a paragraph. Seeing as how this is a short story, that is to be expected. What this story really focuses on is the interaction between the two characters. Matthias and Bree are simple characters and easy to understand.

Matthias worked hard to find his way back to his lover. Bree is a loner fending off any shifters trying to knock him up when he becomes a slut for sex during his mating heat. The sex in here is raunchy and rough. It is the best part of the story. Bree's begging when he can't control his lust is delightful as he experiences humiliation for his wanton behaviour. Matthias' desire to dominate and thrust into Bree's dripping wet hole is easy to anticipate. The two going at it like horny rabbits rather than controlled wolves is entertaining. The conflict between the two easily melts away through a good pounding. Sexual therapy through graphic body language helps this estranged couple to communicate clearly.

Ms. Okati writes descriptive and erotic sex scenes. She does a good job of painting a vivid picture of the location and expressing how the characters feel. This is a tasty morsel whetting a m/m reader's appetite. The sweet happily ever concludes the romance nicely. Recommended for m/m readers who have a fetish for mpreg themes.

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