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Monkey See, Monkey Do Monkey See, Monkey Do by Tymber Dalton
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The Romance Review
This is what I have been waiting for! Book nine is setting up for the end games. Loose ends are all tying off. There is bloodshed, victories and a very scary goddess of destruction taking human form. In MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO, Uncle and Zed finally meet their package. Sexy and tired Leta is in her 3rd year of residency. Homeless and single, she crashes at the hospital. It is not as if she has time to spare so staying at the hospital gives her more time to sleep because she won't need to travel back to a home. Unfortunately, the downside is that she is in the hospital so she takes on three shifts in a row. After her last straight shift, she is loopy and in desperate need of a little nap. When two sexy burglars wake her up, there will be hell to pay.

This book is action packed and I loved it! I liked Leta. Ms. Dalton does a great job of balancing a doctor saving lives and taking lives in defense. Leta is a snarky character who easily keeps up with Uncle and Zed. Uncle and Zed are sweet and a good calming influence for Leta. The sexual heat between the three of them is good and a bit kinky. Since I read this erotica for the plot, not the sex, the ménage didn't do much for me. What I enjoyed is the nonsexual interaction between these three. And I liked Leta's interaction with Clara, the RN who threatens to castrate bothersome males. There is one tense situation which Ms. Dalton provides the perfect timing for humour.

Clara tapped Zed on the shoulder and held a gun out to him, nodding her head toward the body on the floor. "She [Leta] emptied her mag into the guy. She needs a reload."

"You shot him?" Zed asked Leta.

"I only rendered the assist. I'm pretty sure Clara killed him, too."

"Too?" both men asked before looking at Clara.

"She killed a guy upstairs," Leta said.

Clara shrugged. "Do no harm, but take no shit. Not just a slogan for witches." (Kindle loc. 1996-2000)

I need this slogan on a t-shirt. Seriously, this is priceless. Whilst the three main characters are Leta, Uncle and Zed, the one I am really interested in is Tank. She is the bomb. I love everything about her. I wish I was her! I can't wait to read her book next.

Another character is Kali Enyo. Hell hath no fury like woman scorned. Kali, previously known as Mary, is out for blood and she is becoming disturbingly scary. Her death fantasies are understandable and it will be interesting to see if she can bring her dreams to reality.

The plot to this book is working very well for me. It is nice to see progress with the vaccine as well as the Drunk Monkeys unraveling Silo's corrupt tentacle arms. Watching the destabilization of Silo's nasty cons and games is fabulous. It satiates my thirst for justice. Reading this book will create a deep craving to read the very next book. I cannot wait. This is highly recommended and my favourite book in this series to date. Recommended to ménage readers who enjoy speculative fiction, dangerous women and the men who love them.

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