Review: Outlaw MC of Mars: A Christmas Story

Outlaw MC of Mars: A Christmas Story Outlaw MC of Mars: A Christmas Story by James Cox
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

I stand corrected. This last book in the series is the true feel-good wrap up to this series. The government has been overthrown. Enemies of those who want a better and more equitable world are vanquished. What more could happen? This book is what happens after the happily ever after.

From Liam's perspective, we see how all the couples in the previous books are still happily together. It is nice to see everyone smiling and free. For Liam, he should be fine but his nightmares are non-stop. His nightmares involve the Beast, not sexual violations. The beast is a nasty mutated octopus that could walk on land and kill humans. This was actually pretty cool. I liked this part of it and Mr. Cox paints a dark and grim picture. It is easy to visualize the horror and desolation in Earth's prison.

Memories of Liam's time at the end, right before he is rescued can be summed up in two words: soul crushing. The sheer hopelessness transferring from the words on the page to the reader's feelings is rather intense. For me, it amazes me how Liam even survived. His PTSD is completely understandable. This sets the conflict up nicely and the resolution is a sweet if rather extravagant closure. This last book is a quick read and recommended for fans of this series who want to see how all the characters in this series are doing post-war.


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