Review: Pathway to Love

Pathway to Love Pathway to Love by Zenina Masters
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The latest book in this series is out just before my withdrawal symptoms became too great. For those who have been jones-ing for the latest one, Pathway to Love satisfies one's cravings. Ida is a black swan who is a milkmaid. Right, not sure how Ms. Masters comes up with these jobs for her characters, but this one surprisingly works. Ida is sweet as a swan shifter. The thing with swans, when they mate for life, it is more than just the soul binding exhibited by other pairings. When she is threatened into an arrange marriage despite her not so secret love for another, she flies off in desperation with no destination in mind. Sometimes, the flight or fight response literally equates to a flight.

Lucky for Ida, she enters into the magical Crossroads to hide and find her mate. Dromer, an elf from her hometown rushes to Crossroads when he finds out she is gone. This story is short and sweet. What I liked is Ida's shifting powers where she can have wings in human form. Seriously, black wings on a curvaceous dark hairs woman? Talk about sexy. Dromer's powers are also dangerously appealing. It would have been nice for more character development and some more plot with Ida and Dromer back in the real world. Ms. Masters humour continues to shine through this story with the latest phrase that needs to be coined - fey-bait. I am totally qualified as a fey-bait - short and curvy. Where do I find these fey?

The 3.5 star story wrapped up quickly and the epilogue hints of another book down the line. I can't wait for it. Another delicious read, recommended to paranormal romance lovers who need a little pick me up story to bring a smile to their face whilst reading.

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