Review: The SEAL's Rebel Librarian

The SEAL's Rebel Librarian fantasy of a sexy young man whisking us from the daily grind @annecalhoun @SMPRomance #bookreview #
The SEAL's Rebel Librarian by Anne Calhoun
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

PTSD can come in different forms. For Jack, he loses control of his body which infuriates him. His shakes and lack of coordination make no sense to him. Trying to recover at home is not helping much. When he decides to enroll in some classes at a local college, he finds a prim and proper librarian to jolt him alive. Erin Kent is going through her midlife crisis early. Recently divorced, she feels free to finally stop compromising and living with a regrets. Her regrets all start with the word "not". Not buying that motorcycle. Not skydiving. Not going on that European tour. Frankly, her ex-husband sounds like a boring jerk.  Whilst Erin may have her bucket list, dating a younger man who happens to be a student at her school is not on it.

This short and sweet romance features Rose's brother Jack. This book can be read as a standalone. Jack and Erin's chemistry is hot because Jack is younger and more wild. It is because he is full of life even when he is confused. He does come across and a perfect rebound bed buddy for Erin. When he starts to mean more, this is when Erin becomes wary. For Jack, Erin is the much needed piece to help him find that joy in life again.

The characters in this story are easy to relate to because they are people we can recognize as friends. The part which pulls a reader in is when the adrenaline rush kicks in. Some of the daring things Erin wants to try are thrilling. She isn't sure if she is doing it as a rebellion because she was told not to or because she really wanted to do it. Regardless, with Jack's confident support, she crams in missed experiences. This theme is heady because it offers downtrodden women the fantasy of a sexy young man taking them away from the daily grind. Instead of being stuck at a 9 to 5 job and paying the bills, we are whisked away on exciting dates. The hot sex after a yearlong dry spell doesn't hurt either. Many can identify with Erin's desire for more in life. When Jack offers a trip of a life time, how can one say anything but yes?

This is a sweet romance to shake up a boring life. Once again, readers are treated to a seize the day moment. Recommended for romance lovers who need a little push to reach for their dreams.

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