Review: Wanted

Wanted Wanted by Jenny Penn
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Fast, sexy and intelligent, Maryanne is a rough-edged saint. Maryanne is a bounty hunter who will always catch her man. As an independent, she brings down the ones who target women and children. In her quest for justice, she crosses path with the Holmes' boys. Run by Big Bob, this family run bounty hunter shop does not have a single woman in it. In addition, Jason and Collin seem to be Maryanne's arch-nemesis. Or rather Jason and Collin are frustrated with Maryanne whilst she finds them amusing. She provokes them so easily because she can run circles around these silly boys. When Big Bob brings Maryanne into his family business, sparks fly and it isn't all because of tempers.

This story is enjoyable because Maryanne is an awesome character. She is down to earth, strong, confident and generous. She is even able to easily take on the pranks pulled by the mischievous boys. Jason and Collin really should be renamed as Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum. They are all ego and little common sense. Ms. Penn does a great job of character development to set up for the inevitable conflict. The conflict makes so much sense and it is amazing Maryanne doesn't slap these two idiots harder.

The sex in this story is delicious as expected from Ms. Penn. When Jason and Collin finally realize why Maryanne bugs them so much, they turn on their charm. Surprisingly, Maryanne is easily seduced by aggravating Jason. The set up for the ménage is blazing hawt. Collin gets a taste of what Jason's been enjoying and Jason receives his punishing deferred gratification. Maryanne is a vexing vixen for sure. The sexual tension in this story is panty wetting goodness. It brings the story all together into a pleasing finish. It also makes a reader want to read more about the Holmes boys. There are other cousins who need to find their own woman to tie up. Recommended for ménage readers who enjoy a bit of kink.

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