Review: Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope Wings of Hope by Pippa DaCosta
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Before Charlie Henderson became an independent human making her own way, she was Muse the tortured toy of Da'mean. This prequel exposes the horrors Muse experienced at the claws of repugnant demons idolized as the ideal. A peek into this world is more than enough as the reader watches Muse's constant degradation and violation.

Ms. Costa does a good job of creating an ominous environment filled with backstabbing and pain. Every perversion is lauded. The distorted view Muse holds for herself is interesting. When Mammon opens her eyes to something different, the story becomes interesting. This is the timid Muse, before she become a force to be reckon with. There are also nicely placed hints as to why Muse could be so very important. The relationship between Mammon and Muse is clearly shown here which explains why Mammon wants Muse so much. And why Muse is so attached to Mammon and wants to believe the best in him.

The way Ms. Costa sets the world and characters up is fantastic. It gives good insight for those who have not read the first book yet. This prequel contains it all. Hope, hate, desolation, rage and satisfaction. Recommended to urban fantasy readers who enjoy a dark tale with an explosive ending.

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