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Being Free Being Free by Sylvia Ryan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lightly kinky, Being Free nicely concludes the New Atlanta Series. Journey Doe is part of the Resistance ready to take down the power hungry Hitler wanna be, General Morgan. This is the end game and it is fitting that the book is numbered four. This story nicely wraps up the breakdown of the zones and the crazy rantings of General Morgan. Journey Doe is ready to lay her life down to ensure a better life for all. She is perfectly placed to take down the head of this evil government.

This story carries a somber note from beginning to until almost the end. There is a sense of hopelessness because Journey is a woman well experienced with being left behind and unwanted. Her tale from a childhood orphan to her single status adulthood is sad and explains her desire to die for her cause. She really has nothing to live for and this is when a person becomes most dangerous. Ms. Ryan does a good job of building her character and showing both Journey's strength and vulnerabilities. What Journey desires more than anything is to have a place in someone's heart. To be wanted for herself and not be a stand in seems to be so little to ask for yet so hard for Journey to receive. When Silas Morgan, the brother of the evil dictator takes interest in Journey, it isn't clear if this is a good or bad thing.

Silas is odd for me. He seems to come out of nowhere. He reminds me a little Rock. What confuses me about Silas is how he is close to his brother, General Conrad Morgan. Is G. Morgan so delusional he does not understand the threat he is under? One would think after numerous attempts at his life, he would be more paranoid and have his brother, Silas killed. The fact that G. Morgan also likes to take Silas's things and break them, does that not mean Silas would be in more danger and not likely to be in G. Morgan's inner circle? Some of the set up in this book just didn't work for me. It didn't make sense.

From an erotic standpoint, this story is lightly kinky. Once again CALM Therapy is mentioned. Unlike in a couple of the previous books, it is only mildly shown. It is almost clinical in a way to help Journey experience a cathartic moment as prescribed by a former lover. The lack of intimacy between Silas and Journey makes for a toned down sexual interlude.

The ending comes swiftly as crazy Conrad Morgan loses it and strikes out. The resolution is a bit anticlimactic after all the pain G. Morgan has perpetrated upon a broken society. The epilogue is a sweet conclusion to a lost girl finally found. This happily ever after wraps up a Lord of the Files dystopian world with a message of hope and love. Recommended for dystopian readers who enjoy a kinky twist.

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