Review: Butting In

Butting In @gnomesVG magical world which readers will want to visit over and over #bookreview 
Butting In by Zenina Masters
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Horny as a goat may be a common phrase but totally inapplicable to Gera. Whilst the rest of her family enjoys their rutting heat, Gera seems to only be asexual. In a family where her sisters are constantly getting walked in on having sex, Gera is an anomaly. Unfortunately for her, her mother is determined to marry her off. With only her father's understanding, Gera flees to Crossroads to hide.

Gera's character reminds me of a Vulcan. She is logical and is bemused by other's responses. She does have feelings, she just does not experience the sexual drive which is integral to her shifter species. She is so ignorant of it, when it does manifest, she is caught off guard. Sometimes, it takes the right male to get a girl's panty wet. Riox is the fae male who interests Gera. These two go through a comical mating/courting dance complete with head butting.

Whilst this romance is going on, Ms. Masters slips in a side story which is intriguing. The world of Crossroads is expanding. With a new place to stay and run by a matchmaking fae, there are bound to be misunderstandings. Fortunately for the new owner, he has a straightforward goat to lay it out. The little embellishments to this world is what pulls me into this series. I love how it continues to grow. It is like exploring a new land with new sights to see every time I visit. This paranormal romance can be read as a standalone and is recommended to all.

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