Review: Dangerous to Know

Dangerous to Know for romance readers who enjoy suspense and back-stabbing intrigue @SMPRomance #
Dangerous to Know by Dawn Ryder
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Being a honey pot is not all it's cracked up to be. Mercer's target is a female from a family of honour military men. Unfortunately, it seems these honourable men may be selling classified secrets and getting men killed. Mercer is part of a team to take out dangerous traitors. Unfortunately for the female, Zoe, she is just collateral damage.

Zoe is an independent woman who loves her father, the colonel. And she loves her brother who is a lieutenant. She understand they dedicate their lives to protect the US so she does her part in keeping a welcoming and safe home for them to return between their missions. What she never expected was to be pulled into their world of danger. Lucky for her, her father and brother trained her to be able to handle herself physically. This only leaves her heart unprotected. Mercer targets her heart and proceeds to blow it up.

The characters in this story are fun. I loved the crazy parrot who is Zoe's "brother". He is amusing and nearly steals the entire book from the main characters. Zoe is a female character I like. She is gutsy with heart. Mercer on the other hand is an asshat. I didn't like him at all. He is an arrogant pushy male and it boggles my mind that Zoe would fall for him. I can see why Mercer wants her and places his career on the line, but he isn't really good enough for her.

What is more interesting is the conspiracy and political intrigue. I am fascinated with what is going on behind the scenes and with Mercer's superiors. I am hooked and want to know more about this traitorous cabal. Ms. Ryder writes a strong plot hinting of more villainous schemes with strong alpha males taking on the bad guys. This is what I want to read about. I like Ms. Ryder's suspense and how she sets up the story. Frankly, she can cut out the sex and romance. Her stronger suit is the suspense and fighting. More bang 'em up and shoot 'em scenes would make this story more suspenseful and fun. In addition, Ms. Ryder's humor is infectious and her comedic timing is perfect. The romance part can take a back seat. The sex scenes can be left out because none of it was arousing for me. I ended up skimming past it.

This romantic suspense is a good start to a new series. I am eager to read the next one in the Unbroken Heroes. Ms. Ryder is a new to me author who has caught my attention. Recommended for romance readers who enjoy suspense and back-stabbing intrigue.

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