Review: Flawless

Flawless Flawless by Heather Graham
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Suspense, romance, betrayal and a sexy red-head, what more could a reader want? In Flawless, Ms. Graham delivers another memorable and exciting tale. Kieran is a woman blessed with three loving brothers, even if two of them are mischievous scoundrels. Kieran is a loyal sister and a devoted friend. When her best friend and her younger brother try to wreak havoc on said best friend's ex-husband, it is up to Kieran to save the day.

The character development is what gets me every time I read a Ms. Graham book. Her characters have depth and come to life. They are people readers want to become friends with. They are so realistic with their wants, fears and sadness. Ms. Graham excels at showing the strength in both the bonds of family and friends. This bond is appealing to readers who wish they could be the recipient of such devotion. Watching the interactions between Kieran and her brothers is heartwarming. This is more than just a feel good book. The slow sensual simmer between Kieran and the investigating FBI agent Craig is delicious.

It is nice to have a romance where there isn't instant love or falling into bed at first lust. Kieran's wariness towards Craig helps build the sexual heat for when they finally enjoy each other's bodies. The verbal foreplay between the two characters makes this book fun and amusing. It is a cat and mouse game as Craig tries to figure out what Kieran is hiding from him. It is not as bad as he thinks. This does bring in the suspense part of the plot which is well done. Ms. Graham lays a couple of red herrings as plot twists. I enjoy this and it holds my attention. This 3.5 star romantic suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy mystery, betrayals and a feisty red-head. Are there any other kinds of red-heads?

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