Review: Hunted

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Hunted by Jenny Penn
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Bumbling love-struck males is one of Ms. Penn's trademarks. In Hunted, the second in the Bound and Cuffed series, it is Tex and Brick's turn to behave foolishly. This series is growing on me and the two books can be read as standalones. This family of males running a bounty hunting business is fun, energetic and in some ways, old fashion gentlemen like. Let me explain. In a nut shell, men are still men, not metrosexual eunuchs.

Tex and Brick may be good at their job, but when they decide that the job is a cover up to have their uncle play match-maker, this is when all goes downhill. To make sure the stalker who is increasing in violence towards Janie is stopped, Tex thinks he has it all handled. Using his Neanderthal machoism, Tex threatens the ex-boyfriend and believes his job is done. Easy money and now he can work on a real case. Brick, his partner doesn't agree, but he is willing to let Tex have enough rope to hang himself.

The characters in this story are lively and easy to remember. Janie is a good girl with a kinky side. Brick is the stoic male who thinks before he acts. Tex is the opposite of Brick. When the three get together, it is an erotic five course meal. The kinky parts to this story are BDSM-lite. For those who enjoy a bit of restraint, some mfm fun and a bit of pitting best buddies against each other, this story will be for you.

The suspense to this story is quickly resolved and it is predictable. Most readers will be able to figure out within the first two chapters what is going on and who needs to be neutralized. If Tex wasn't so hot headed, he would have too. The resolution finishes off in a dramatic fashion as Ms. Penn tends to do. This kinky romance is recommended for ménage readers who enjoy clueless men and exasperated females.

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