Review: I Dream of Dragons

I Dream of Dragons I Dream of Dragons by Ashlyn Chase
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dragon lovers, this is the book for you. New to me author Ms. Chase keeps my attention with this lovely book about dragon shifters. The first book in this series brings to us naughty leprechauns, sexy dragons and a snarky goddess. Let's not forget the very sexy Irish human form Rory Arish possesses. Those who enjoy Candace Havens and MaryJanice Davidson, will enjoy Ms. Chase.

There is a similar irreverence to higher powers which makes this series appealing. In addition, the female interest, Amber McNally is just as klutzy and fumbling in her new rule. Amber is the comedic element. She is obviously in way over her head. She has a very steep learning curve when she learns about the supernatural world. In addition to learning her job as a muse, she needs to find a home and proceeds to have a territorial fight with a dragon, Rory.

The sparks definitely do fly between these two characters. Rory may be stubborn but Amber is mulish and rather juvenile. The games these two play are typical of romance characters. They are flighty, a bit shallow and their hormones seem to be unchecked. It makes this story a bumping relationship ride which is amusing. The conflicts in this tale are well thought out. They are not contrived which is a relief. From a world building perspective, it is intriguing and a little puzzling. I'm fine with the dragon lore. The leprechauns make sense too. What doesn't make sense is the title of "muse" when aligning with the duties of a muse in this tale. For me, a muse is one who inspires creativity in certain arts. In this world, a muse is more of a SOS babysitter. It is weird. For example, there is a muse for email. This is to make sure inappropriate or blasting emails do not go off into the internet. Seriously? I would have thought the email muse is the one who inspires the emails which go viral. This was the only piece in the story which made little sense to me. I digress.

The romance in this story is sweet. It is the stereotypical alpha man beats chest and roars whilst the simpering female swoons in delight. They games Rory and Amber play with each other are comical and ultimately bring them together. Recommended for dragon lovers who enjoy paranormal romance with a playful twist.

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