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Manties in a Twist
for m/m readers who enjoy epiphanies, pony play and a side dish of kink to their romance@jarockauthor @riptidebooks #
Manties in a Twist by J.A. Rock
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Manties in a Twist is a thrilling view from a gender fluid couple. Make no mistake, Kamen is all boy and he loves cock. What is fabulous about Kamen is his complete disregard for societal dictates of what men and women should wear. He likes panties and he is going to wear them. Although, here, we call them manties. This book is the Third in The Subs Club series. It can be read as a standalone but it is not recommended. Characters from previous books show up in this one. Their past trauma helps make sense of how they treat Kamen.

This is probably sacrilegious, but I feel as though this series is like the Gospels in the Bible. Why? Because four disciples provides their story of a specific event. In this case, the four submissives have their story of life after Hal's death. I made you think, didn't I? Whilst I liked Kamen and Ryan, their story didn't speak to me as much as Miles and Dave's. The chemistry for me to Kamen fizzled. Still, I do admire Kamen and his wanting to move on. This story is all about Kamen's personal growth. His choice in partner and wanting to look to the future seems more terrifying to the fabulous foursome. I think it is because he is growing apart from them with his own interests. What irks me is how the three friends treat Kamen and his lover. Sure Ryan is a bit different, but really, did they have to exclude Ryan so much? Hal was not a saint and the way some place him on a pedestal is difficult to stomach.

Still, as Kamen's journey to move past Hal's tragic and preventable death progresses, crazy stuff happens. Ms. Rock throws in not only cross dressing, but pony play! YAY! The pony play scenes in this book are fabulous. It seems Ms. Rock did some thorough research on this one. I am impressed with the training scenes as well as the competitions. I have yet to make my way to a pony farm. Pony farm attendees are usually by invitation only. Someday, I hope to secure an invite. Until that day comes, I am going to take Ms. Rock's portrayal to be as close to reality as can be.

Now, with all the character development, BDSM kink and general somber growing up theme, one would think this book is depressing and perhaps serious tone. Let's be real. This is Ms. Rock. She can inject humour in all sorts of wacky ways. Here are a few link I enjoyed.

We’d wanted a unique painting, and had been trying to decide between a hare and a megalodon, which were my and Ryan’s favorite animals, respectively. I was glad we’d gone with the hare, because you could make a hare look classy, but that was harder to do with a megalodon. (Kindle loc. 86-88)

I really have no words. I do have questions. Is there a picture of this classy hare? Because I really want to see it.

“Your boxers have a hole in the back.”

I glanced down over my shoulder. “That’s on purpose. It’s my easy-access hole.” -(Kindle loc. 146-148)

Wow, I once again have no words. I still have questions. Where do we buy these boxers?

Miles looked at him sharply. “We all need to stop being so snack-motivated. The phalluses of every man in that club have taken a ‘fun dip’ in innumerable orifices.” (Kindle loc. 1689-1691)

Where does she come up with this stuff? I busted up laughing at this one and I do not think I can think of dip anymore without seeing dicks and orifices.

Maya reached for her glass of water. “Nobody uses the term ‘blouse’ anymore. Except old people.” (Kindle loc. 1845-1846)

*Cringe* I guess I am an old person. I use the term blouse. Why would we not use blouse?

This third book is a delightful combination of silliness, seriousness and self-reflection. The title fits this book so perfectly. Recommended for m/m readers who enjoy epiphanies, pony play and a side dish of kink to their romance.

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