Review: A Matter of Discipline

A Matter of Discipline A Matter of Discipline by DawnMarie Richards
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

A naughty librarian dressed primly is too much temptation for bondage photographer Blake Vince. When he finds out what librarian Marion Hertz reads in her spare time, it gives him the green light to seduce her. The BDSM in this story is light maledom as Blake introduces Marion to a bit of bondage.

The BDSM seems to try to showcase how trust is required in order to have a good relationship. This apparently means the bottom needs to immediately share intimate personal details. This moves a bit fast for me since they just met. Although this is a short story so perhaps it is needed to share the painful story of Marion's parents. This is the one part of the book that really stuck in my mind. It is horrific what Marion's parents did, leaving her all alone in the world. I cannot fathom why they would do such a thing without giving her at least a closure message.

The relationship between Marion and Blake is a bit of hot/cold which leaves Marion confused. Not too thrilled with Blake's treatment of Marion, I guess this could be plausible for a Top used to keeping bottoms at arms' length. At least Marion is able to experience a bit of kinky fun throughout Blake's mixed signals. The conflict in this story is mild and easily resolved.

Overall, this story is short and sweet. Recommended for romance readers who want to explore a bit of kink.


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