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One of the Guys One of the Guys by Shiloh Walker
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Revenge is sometimes best served by showing what an ex is missing out on. In One of the Guys, Jaynie is the proverbial girlfriend walking in to see her fiancé banging the slutty neighbor next door. Rather than being ashamed, her loser fiancé wants her to join in. Not a fan of ménage, Jaynie stomps out and runs to her best friend. Lucky for her, her best friend's brother who is also her partner at the veterinary clinic is there to help her.

This is a predictable contemporary romance with a happily ever after. The plot is not so much about Jaynie going after her cheating fiancé. It is a sexual journey and self-discovery for Jaynie. She has been cruising through life just focusing on her animal practice. Better with animals anyway, Jaynie let herself go. I can't really blame her fiancé for not being attracted to her blah appearance and lack of interest. It is obvious they are not compatible because they have different sexually preferences and they have little in common. Jaynie is definitely better off without him.

The cheating episode is the catalyst to kick start Jaynie into taking some interest in her physical appearance which Brian luckily reaps all the benefits. He swoops in as the rebound man to enjoy an exuberant and newly sexually awaken Jaynie. This lusty interlude has been a long time coming. The vanilla sex in this story is sweet and slow like gentle rain. This romance is recommended for readers who enjoy a friends to lover theme.

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