Review: Operation: Cuckold

Operation: Cuckold
@deloresswallows spank-bank worthy story recommended to readers who love a good cuckold tale #bookreview
 Operation: Cuckold by Delores Swallows
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

New to me author, Ms. Swallows entices me with her naughty femdom fantasy. This cuckold story is set up well as a loving husband soon receives more than he planned. Harry is a man who may need a little Viagra. It isn't that his wife is unattractive. It is that sex is just ho-hum for him and he can't seem to please her with his dick. When he finds out that his loving wife, Michelle is using some very specific porn to get herself off, he is intrigued. And he pops his first boner in a long time without any effort. What is this porn fantasy? Michelle wants to be taken by big dicks whilst her loving husband watches. She isn't into cheating. She wants to enjoy the openness of having a cuckold and a bull.

The path to sexual deviance is fraught with missteps. Some of the sexual interludes work well for Harry. Others leave him ill at ease. This sexual journey ending in debauchery is delicious to witness. It starts out rather mild at first and at the end, it culminates into a horny wife who can't get enough dick. There is even a bit where Harry participates. Will he also become a cream pie lover and possibly a fluffer for evermore? It is to be seen. This is not a cheating story so those with a cheating trigger should be okay. The love between the husband and wife seems to remain strong which is nice. What would be nice is to have a follow up with Harry being more physically involved. This is a spank-bank worthy story recommended to readers who love a good cuckold tale.

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Oh yeah. Gotta check this one out! :D
Thanks so much for your review - I'm glad you enjoyed the story.
I have to confess that although my pen name is Delores, I'm actually male. I love writing about strong female characters who know what they want.
Anonymous said…
I think you'd enjoy two of his other books, too - 'Closest Strangers' (man tries to retrieve his girlfriend from gangsters and finds she isn't who he thought she was), and 'in the shadow of the riot' (hot tale of musicians from male and female punk bands coming together during a tour).
@ A Voracious Reader - it is a good one. :)

@ Delores - oops! Well, I'll make sure to just indicate your full pen-name going forward. I like your writing style and your material. Sexy.

@ Anonymous - I'll have to check those out.

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