Review: Our Place Among the Stars

Our Place Among the Stars Our Place Among the Stars by James Cox
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

This sexy follow up to Dick, It's What's for Dinner is smutty with a raunchy dinner show to enjoy. Ale, Rei and Vern are back. This time it is on their own ship. They have their own pilot, cook and waiter. What more could they need to bring the most exciting dining to life for paying customers? For those who did not read the first book, this can be read as a standalone but it won't be as enjoyable. Understanding what happens in the first book will enhance the smexy pleasure in this one.

The story is short with a little dash of plot. There are a few graphic scenes for the trio which are hot, both in the live cooking show lasting through the dinner service. Mr. Cox pens a funny, slightly over the top story covering what happens after the "happily ever after". There is a little bit of suspense as a nefarious force returns to mete out vengeance. The threesome easily slips out of danger similar in style to the Three Stooges. It is not exactly slapstick comedy, but it contains a similar humour. One cannot help but laugh as these three guys thwart the villain. If this were a real show, tickets would be sold out quick.

This story is an erotic romance as Mr. Cox brings another happily ever ending complete with vows. This space opera is recommended for mm romance lovers who enjoy sex and laughter together.


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