Review: Running for Home

Running for Home @gnomesVG romance lovers who want their happily ever after #bookreview
Running for Home by Zenina Masters
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Forced into an object of ridicule and raped constantly is a nightmare for Juno. As a fox shifter, she is caught off guard when her boss turns out to be fae. Unfortunately, he is a fae who likes to collect shifters in his own personal zoo. The heinous acts this fae perpetrates upon Juno is unspeakable. Juno is forced into a half shift complete with lobbed off fingers and toes. It is a nightmare that seems never to end. One good thing for Juno is that her twin brother is a hunter for the council and it is possible he will find her. When she is rescued, it is not by another shifter. It is another fae, Derix, her brother's partner. Rather than be kept captive in a place to help her rehabilitate and integrate back into society, Juno hides as a fox in the forest.

This story starts out so sad. This is the most Ms. Masters shares about the cruelties of being held captive as an animal. The story quickly picks up as Derix lures Juno out of the wild and back into civilization with his music. It is a slow cajoling which Ms. Masters condense for the reader. This keeps the book moving in a nice pace instead of dragging with depressing detail. As with all in this series, a trip to the Crossroads is in the works. However, this trip isn't to find a mate. Instead, Juno can live in a place where she doesn't have to be part of the human society. She can be in a safe place to live her life in peace. As a newly contracted tour guide, Juno leaps at the offer and away she goes.

The romance between Derix and Juno is sweet. It is a bit questionable if Juno falls for Derix because he was her hero or if it is because she is attracted to him. Regardless, their courtship is sweet and enjoyable. Unbeknownst to Derix, fox shifters have a very high sex drive. Whilst most fae have to dial it back for human lovers, a fox shifter may be more than a fae can keep up with. As with other books in this series, readers learn more about the ever expanding Crossroad world. Teasers of water fae and shifters in future stories has me all a twitter with excitement. A new inn designed for water creatures will be opening. I cannot wait to see read about the water ones as those are my favourite. This paranormal romance can be read as a standalone. Be forewarned if this is your first book in the series, you probably will want to pick up the rest. Recommended for romance lovers who want their happily ever after.

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