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Sparked Sparked by Sheena Snow
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The Romance Review

The first in the series, SPARKED starts off with a bang. Vienna is anti-robots. She is also girl with mommy issues. Vienna is the only one who possesses no artistic talent like the rest of her mother's family. When her famous mother brings home a robot to be their new French Chef, Vienna is not happy. Within a few days, her world turns into a freaking nightmare. Robots talk and feel. Not only that, but a faction of them want Vienna for nefarious purposes.

The characters in this story are interesting. Vienna is young and a bit foolish. The different Robots under the command of Alec Cypher are the interesting characters. Each one is unique and together, they are a pretty awesome team of protectors. As one would expect, the idiot eighteen year old Vienna is the one who causes the problems. This is to be expected from a young foolish teenager with authority issues and low self-esteem. Whilst the robots seem to be more mentally stable, Vienna comes across as a rebellious angry child. It was hard to connect with Vienna or feel sorry for her.

This story is messy in the world building. I think it is purposely done this way to generate confusion. Because Vienna does not understand what is happening, thus the reader must suffer with her. There are two opposing robot factions: one tries to kidnap her; one tries to protect her. From a world building perspective, this story is all over the place. One would hope it becomes clear as the story progress. It does not and in fact ends with more chaos.

The concept of this story is interesting. Robots who are part human and part robot, how can this be? What are the secrets the government is trying to prevent from being exposed? Why is Vienna so important? Why is her imprisonment so odd? The last few chapters of the book makes a reader feel as though they are on drugs. Nothing makes sense. The outcome leaves a reader with more questions than answers. It appears to be a cliffhanger to pull the reader into the next book. I am intrigued enough to want to read the next one. I want to know what is going on and why Vienna is so important. Recommended for young adult readers who enjoy government conspiracies.

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