Review: To Seduce an Omega

To Seduce an Omega To Seduce an Omega by Kryssie Fortune
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

When those in power are corrupt and prey upon the ones they are to protect, it is a heinous crime. Viola is a wolf who cannot take her wolf form. Her father turned on her when she was six. At twelve, he had her beaten so badly, she became cripple for life. Instead of dying each time he tries to kill her, she is stubbornly fighting to stay alive. When a new stronger wolf enter into the pack territory, life takes a quick turn for the worse. Titus is a strong wolf who is quick to judge and slow to ask for the details.

This is the fourth book in the Scattered Sibling series. It can be read as a standalone. This story caught my interest because of the blurb. I like rooting for the underdog. Make no mistake, Viola is an underdog and her life is a painful hell. The atrocities her father commits is disgusting, and the hero coming in to to save this oppressed pack is sort of an asshat. Titus carries the chip on his shoulder big time and he makes decisions based on little facts. Whilst this set up builds for a nice mea culpa from Titus to Viola, it is frustrating. Miscommunication and lack of understanding based on Titus's quick and inaccurate assessment is annoying. He is predisposed to treat Viola poorly. I do not like this part, especially since Viola suffers more mental anguish at his clumsy hands.

The characters in this story are mixed for me. I really liked Viola and her tenderheartedness. Titus is a strong male who is loyal but just so dumb. Why Viola likes him so much is a mystery. The other part which is a bit annoying is the constant repetition of Viola's status in the pack the first few chapters. We get it. She is singled out and pitiful. Her father is a bully. Titus is heart broken by the rejection of his mate. Get over it! I want to know how Titus will kick Viola's father's ass. And I want to know more about these cat-like women who steal the she-wolves from the pack.

The plot of the story is good and when this finally kicks off, halfway through the book, the story finally moves. The connections between this book and the previous one is nicely done to enhance a reader's enjoyment. The battle scenes and turning a demoralized group of people around is what makes this story good. This paranormal romance is recommended to shifter lovers who enjoy angst and a happily ever after.


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