Review: Black and Gold

Black and Gold
succulent skin on skin colour writhing in ecstasy #bookreview @AdonisDevereux #
Black and Gold by Adonis Devereux
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

BLACK AND GOLD is an apt title for this book as it describes the succulent skin on skin colour writhing in ecstasy. For readers who are confused, this book appears to start in the second or third act in a play. The back history of the characters is meagerly doled out for a reader to piece together. Basically, this is a forced enemies turned lovers story.

Ilvar and Stefanos fought against each other in a senseless war. Both men of honour, they chose not to kill each other when they had the chance. Now, reunited by chance, this becomes a bromance with a little twist. Ilvar is married to Kesvar who is his happy submissive.

For those picking up this book in hopes for funishment and BDSM, it does not exist. For those who are squicked out with mmf and mm relations, stop now. For everyone else who adores strong alpha men biting, wrestling naked and taking each other's ass, this is the book for you. Frankly, the plot to this story is thin. The character development is weak. What is strong is the description and the imagery. The author does an excellent job of creating vivid imagery, specifically the boar hunt and what follows after. For those who love to watch "Jungle Fever" manlove, this book will get you to turn on the vibrator.

When the two alpha men take their lust back to Kesvar and tag team her, crank up the vibrator to high. The ménage scene is steamy and satisfying. Recommended for erotic readers who want a short and sexy mmf ménage.


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