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Camp AlienFor UF readers who enjoy humour, wackiness and a high functioning heroine who scares grown men @GiniKoch @BerkleyNAL  #
Camp Alien by Gini Koch
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Riveting non-stop action and hilarity ensue in the latest installment from talented Ms. Koch. Kitty is back and she is not happy. She prefers action to politics. It was bad enough having to serve as an ambassador. Then she became the vice-president's wife when Jeff was selected to be VP. Now, with the president dead, Kitty is the First Lady. First Ladies have to pick out staff, make sure that all the ins and outs of politics are on point. These are not Kitty's strong points. Kitty is better and unmasking the super villain and riding in to save the day.

This one, Kitty is back in the saddle with villains, kidnapping and bone-head males. I never know what will happen and I just go along for the exciting ride. This is a book which cannot be put down. I read it from beginning to end in one sitting. Unfortunately it was during the work week so I ended up with a terrible book hangover. The energy which leaps of the pages of this book can be exhausting. By the time Kitty solves one crisis, another is blowing up. Usually she has support team with her Scooby-Gang. Unfortunately, her fly boys are missing as well as several of the secret service. When Kitty foils the plot and comes riding in as the victor, she slams into missiles targeted to blow her to bits.

This is what I like about Ms. Koch. Whilst some authors like to drag a story out, Ms. Koch is condensing and throwing everything in along with the kitchen sink. Her stories are meaty with conflict, plots, subplots and sub-subplots. It boggles the mind and keeps readers on their toes. There is very little downtime between scenes. It is almost like being with an ADHD child who was given sugar and caffeine through an IV. A reader can be overwhelmed with the plot twists and information streaming in. I LOVE IT. I love the manic pace and I love how quickly Kitty can make connections. It is easy to follow Kitty and her logic. She is the kind of person who inspires others to be better because she leads through example. Sure, sometimes she may be cray cray angry and a tad unreasonable, but she is still pretty good at figuring things out. She is a bit emotional for me but it all works because to be at her level, it takes a special kind of crazy.

The character and world building is fabulous. The plot is awe-inspiring. What really makes this book fantastic is its kinetic energy. Ms. Koch is a master of motion. I feel like I'm running, ducking, hiding, fighting in all the scenes. They are so well described it is as if I am there. Some others tell too much. This is not a problem Ms. Koch ever has to worry about. She shows in 3-D. This book played like an incredible movie in my mind with so much richness in colour, sound, smell and sight. I am very impressed. The only thing that brings me down is the end of this book. It leaves me wanting the next book. This series just gets better and better. Highly recommended to Urban Fantasy readers who enjoy humour, wackiness and a high functioning heroine who scares grown men.

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