Review: Devoted

Devoted Devoted by Lexi Blake
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

What is it with the Alder boys? Flynn is Mitch's brother. Well, 1/2 brother because Mitch is a bastard - by birth and by nature. Flynn breaks the cardinal rule when entering in a D/s relationship. Okay, what I consider the cardinal rule. He went in purposely to mislead his submissive. He did not have open communication and completely broke trust. W.T.F. Yes, yes, okay, no one is perfect. Yes, yes, okay, so guys are DUMBASSES and the way it is "explained here" it rationalizes why Flynn did what he did to unsuspecting Amy.


This was a complete train wreck from chapter two. I cringed as Flynn lied to himself and proceeded to really fuck up a relationship that could be so good. Then this ending. WTF. Yes, yes, this is a romantic BDSM glitterkink where sparkles are being blown up my ass. This grand gesture? Who the HELL does this kind of shit? What was he thinking? For all you "Snow White" or "Sleeping Beauty" princess complexes, this book is for you. For those of us who are more like Drew Barrymore in Ever After, prepare to rip your hair out. Amy is seriously like Drew Barrymore's character. Then at the end, her independence and showing she can do what men do, but better... is TOTALLY UNDERCUT BECAUSE FLYNN AND HER EX-HUSBAND HAVE TO SWOOP IN TO SAVE THE DAY.


Okay, so, Flynn is not a bad guy. He isn't. He is an arrogant shit who doesn't know a thing about running a company and totally hoses a woman who can run her own company. He better be damn good in bed, that's all I have to say.

Anyway, the story kept me reading in one sitting as I wanted to bash Flynn's head in. I felt so badly for Amy. I totally know how she feels. This is still better than Mitch's story which was a 2 almost a 1.5. This one with Flynn is a 2.5. I can't quite say I enjoyed it. But I didn't hate it. It was well written because everything Ms. Blake writes is well written.

I can't wait until we get back to the suspense. Please, back to finding Theo. Please, less asshat males thinking they can go through some bloody course and become "certified" to be a dom. Recommended to fans of this series. Seriously, do not read this as a standalone or your first book for this author.


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