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The Enforcer The Enforcer by Kele Moon
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What is Valentino's story? With a name like Valentine aka Tino, he must be a lover boy. He is an enforcer which is opposite of his lover boy name. How did Tino become an enforcer? Ms. Moon takes us back to the beginning. How did these three boys tied together by the same mother get tangled in with the Sicilian Mafia? Tino's story is a two part one and this first part is a heart breaker.

Unbeknownst to his brothers, Tino suffers more than all the rest. He does it quietly. The violations he experiences at the hands of adults is heinous and unacceptable. I am furious and I want to kill them all. Preying on children is a hot button of mine. As a stepmother, I can not begin to even fathom how this all happens. It is out of a Grimm Fairy-tale. I want to coming like a vengeful angel....

The characters in this story are entrancing. Every character pulls me in. Brianna as the love interest is perfect. These two are star cross lovers and I can only hope it does not end in a Shakespearean way. It is incredible Brianna and Tino can be the honourable people they are today. With all the bad things thrown at them, one would have thought they would just give up. It just goes to show, when you have bonds of love and have a connection, it makes a person stronger.

Our secondary characters do show up and Nova learns just how arrogant he's been. He is very stressed and he does the best to protect his family. Of course, when one is so young, it is hard to consider everything. Sometimes the impacts are so far flung that it is hard to take into consideration.

What really breaks my heart here is the underground sexual slavery. Whilst it is a club that no one wants to be in, it is still a bond which Tino creates to help create a safe place for as many as he can. The fact this is happening underneath people's noses is what makes me furious. How can they not know? How can parents pimp out their own child for this? These people need to be eradicated. I am feeling violent again. The second part of Tino's story can't come fast enough. Ms. Moon drags us through the depraved and dark side. This is by far one of her darkest books. When does the light start to shine in? When does vengeance and justice get mete out? I want to be there with a front row seat. Highly recommended to dark erotica lovers who love tortured souls.

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