Review: The Gazillionaire and the Virgin

The Gazillionaire and the Virgin
Load up on batteries and make sure your vibrators are charged #bookreview @LisabetSarai 3
The Gazillionaire and the Virgin by Lisabet Sarai
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Load up on batteries and make sure your vibrators are charged - Ms. Sarai is in the house. When I first picked up this book, it was purely because of the ridiculous title and the author. A fan of Ms. Sarai, I could not help but want to see what she would do with this overly cliché subject. I expected to have steamy spank-worthy scenes leading to some "me-time". What I did not expect is to have the gazillionaire to be the female and the male to be the virgin. This is not a femdom story, it is still maledom. Caught off guard, the story hooks me in.

What I enjoyed and liked about this story is that it pokes fun at a trite theme and makes it fresh. The tongue in cheek presentation of uber rich wanting a dewy eyed ingénue is masterfully done in this story. For one thing, there is character development. Rachel Zelinsky may be very rich, but her work ethic and how she thinks is relate-able from a business woman's perspective. Theo Moore's character flirts with the current popular misunderstood Asperger male. Right now, these types of men are hot and sexy. I cannot explain this phenomena, but Ms. Sarai does a good job of showing why someone like Theo is attractive to a woman like Rachel. The conflict in this story may be a bit hard to understand for those who do not work in a fast paced IT business world. For me, it makes total sense and helped me appreciate the situation better.

The erotica is blazing hawt. The sex is fun, kinky and a breath of fresh air. Why? Because it involves two people who are human and trying new things together. From a jaded reader, seeing through the eyes of someone exploring their fetishes makes me fall in love with kink all over again. What I also liked is how Ms. Sarai did not make this a "BDSM" story. It is a romance where two people get a little frisky. They try new toys and they like bondage. The kink is fluid and all about how the Rachel and Theo enjoy it. There is no right or wrong. There are no munches or classes. In fact, when Rachel wants to bring Theo to a BDSM club, it all goes south. It is interesting to see from Theo's perspective why he responded so negatively to the suggestion and Rachel's previous involvement in the lifestyle. This kinky erotica is recommended to those who enjoy a well written story with smexy good scenes.

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