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Gonzo Gonzo by Candace Blevins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Gonzo first showed up, he seemed a bit damaged, but that's okay. Then he played a part in Brain's book and I loathed him. Gonzo is messed up in the head and either needs to get his shit together or be put down like the mad wolf he is. He pissed me off and I found it hard to believe Ms. Blevins would feature him in a book of his own. Why would he need it? Gonzo's life is simple in my mind. I can sum it up in two sentences. Life happened. He made a bad decision and it cost him a lot. How he treats women after his decision is what bugs me. So when Constance enters into his life and shares with him news that knocks him over, I can see what Ms. Blevins is trying to do. She is giving Gonzo a second chance. I'm mixed whether he should get one.

This story is all about second chances and what-ifs. For Gonzo who was one of the walking dead, figuratively, finding meaning to life again jolts him back into the land of the living. Gonzo is different in this book because a couple of key elements are within his reach again. For some people, work defines who they are. Others, it is their spouse. Some, it is their passion. For Gonzo, whilst he loves being a protector of innocents, his main driver of how he defines himself is surprisingly as a father. This was not always the case for him. It was only after he became a father that he realized how much he loved it and how much he identifies as a daddy. When he lost his children to a heinous act of violence, he lost himself. Ms. Blevins does a great job of showing Gonzo's past of how he was, how he came to be as he is now and finally, what he is turning into. Dare I say, Gonzo is turning into a beautiful butterfly. His safe cocoon is ripped away and he is ready.

Gonzo's metamorphosis is lovely to witness. Make no mistakes, he is still a lethal animal. Think of him more as a Harvester Butterfly rather than a sweet monarch. Harvester Butterfly

The relationship in this story takes a back seat for me. Mostly because Constance and Gonzo's sexual coming together doesn't do it for me. Between Constance's asexual perception and Gonzo's fucking any hole available, I'm not seeing a good fit. There are several conflicts in this story where it could have gone wrong. Even if this is erotica, Ms. Blevins does reward us with a happily ever after. Constance's real fear of losing what she holds dear is a nice tension point between her and Gonzo. Do not be tricked into thinking this book contains no sex because Constance is asexual. The sexual tensions is nicely built up throughout the book until it explodes. I realize Ms. Blevins says there is no BDSM in this story, but honestly, it isn't vanilla either. What it is, is some deferred gratification edging fun.

The story moves at a fast past and keeps me riveted. I received this book and read it in less than twelve hours. For those who love damaged bad boys finding their way back, this is the book for you. For those who love bad boys becoming fathers, this is definitely the one for you. Recommended for erotic romance lovers who believe in second chances.

* ARC provided by the author. No review requested, I wrote one anyway*


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