Review: Kitten's Initiation

Kitten's Initiation Kitten's Initiation by Evelyn Bliss
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is purely a cock-teasing short serial story. For those who are expecting some nasty dirty f/f dominance, prepare to be disappointed. This is only part one of three. Not a fan of a book broken up into three short pieces, this may be frustrating. However, for those who enjoy a graphic detailed scene of a female submissive being woman-handled by two lesbians whilst sucking cock, this is the book for you.

Ms. Bliss is a new to me author who puts my horny humiliation and training fantasies with ink to paper. Kitten is a female who wants to obey her male dominant. As part of this obedience, it means a short two week training with two female dominants. It hints to be intensive, humiliating and perhaps all too sexually exhaustive. This story is focused on just Kitty's good-bye fuck with her lover before they separate for a short time. This is just one long drawn out sex scene from Kitty's perspective. It is hawt and perhaps a bit too much for some. For those who are jaded, it is a bit mild and one can only hope there is more sadistic training for Kitty.

Ms. Bliss's storyline piques my interest and I can only hope she writes more dark erotica. Debauchery and deviance seems to be the theme for the next two books in this series. I am intrigued and after reading this book, want to read the next two. They promise to have more sexy shenanigans for Kitten. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy pet-play and sexual training themes.

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