Review: Show Yourself To Me: Queer Kink Erotica

Show Yourself To Me: Queer Kink Erotica Show Yourself To Me: Queer Kink Erotica by Xan West
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If you want it edgy, rough and no holds bar, this is the book for you. New to me author Xan West brings an erotic collection that will enhance, arouse and maybe push you beyond your limits. Each of these stories are bite size pieces showcasing how people enjoy their kink. None of this is for the newbie looking for some light reading. These are the fantasies which sound so wrong and yet feel so good. This is not a romance and this is not a fluffy happily ever after. Instead, we take a peek into the wilder side of kink with some intense rough body play.

For example, in some of these stories, there is punching and kicking. Does this happen? Absolutely. Is it very prevalent in real life? It really depends upon the kink community. What I did appreciate is how West indicates where the punching and kicking contacted - specifically muscle groups. If it were face, stomach or ribs, I'd have called bullshit and considered this BDSM hostile. Instead for those who are in the lifestyle, they may easily recognize scenes that occur at a play party. For those who want to see how needle play can be erotic and scary, there is a delightful story showcasing this one. For those who enjoy humiliation and mind fucks, there are plenty of stories covering these aspects too. What you will not find in this story is a single vanilla scene.

This being said, there are a few scenes in this book which could cause triggers. For those who have been abused as a child, there is one story in particular which may put you ill at ease. I want to be clear, at no point is there child abuse in here or glamification of it. What is in here, is a bottom who was abused as a child and is into ageplay. This may squick a few readers out.

What may be confusing about this book are the characters in each story. If you are a person who requires clearly defined gender roles, this book is not for you. The gender fluidity in this collection is what makes the book different and refreshing. The categories of maledom and femdom apply loosely. What we do experience is erotic power exchange between two or more individuals who accept each other for who they are, not what is dangling or not dangling between their legs. Because honestly, does it matter a person's sex if you are able to share intimacy with that person who cares about you?

It is clear each of these stories is specially picked to be in this collection. It is a pleasure to see so many different variations. It is rare to have so many flavours yet have two specific themes consist throughout the book: gender fluidity and rough intense kink. Recommended for kinksters who want a courtside seat into the wilder side of kink

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