Review: Spellbound

Spellbound Spellbound by Vanessa Liebe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sexy stories written by Ms. Liebe leave me spellbound. This collection of four short stories are sultry and riveting. Each one involves a paranormal element. Each one involves provocative shenanigans. It is difficult to determine which one appeals to me the most. In each one, Ms. Liebe pens intense graphic scenes. The chemistry between the characters is fiery. Her writing style is quirky and fun.

Lust Cakes kicks off the collection with a naughty fairy who is caught by her boss. Her boss turns the tables on her so that she experiences the same spell she throws on her co-workers. This little twist is amusing and erotic. It is a tightly written smutty fantasy which appeals to those who enjoy dominant boss themes. Amateur Witch also contains a little bit of a twist and also involves a vampire. It is a cute and more romantic story rather than full out smut. Amazon is for those who enjoy dominant women. As the word Amazon would suggest, Samantha finds a man and takes him for her boy toy. This one is a good concept but didn't appeal to me as much. I do enjoy dominant females. This one did not have as much sexual chemistry for me between the two characters. It is more like an erotic Twilight Zone episode.

The one which is most amusing for me is the last one, Revenge Fairy, where Ms. Liebe includes another twist. Tana is cast as a vengeance fairy who will mete out her brand of justice. The rug is pulled out from under Tana when the innocent god takes offense at her covert investigation. The sexual dominance undertones when Tana submits to a kinky punishment is panty wetting goodness.

All of these stories contain a whimsical idea which morphs into a delightful sexual fantasy. The paranormal element helps give it an entertaining component. This collection is recommended for kinky paranormal readers.

* Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review.


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