Review: Wet and Wired

Wet and Wired Wet and Wired by Zenina Masters
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Water fae have arrived in a wave of ecstasy!  These are the shifters and fae I have been eagerly looking forward to read. Ms. Master delivers with a beaver and a merman. Yes, the dirty jokes that come to mind are just being held back by a very weak mental dam. The puns that could be squirted out with these two characters will probably fall flat. I digress.

Leda is a the proverbial busy beaver. She works the crossroads and is the specialist for all electrical work. Her traits of being a beaver carrying over to human now has me hearing her whistling all her words like some cartoon beavers on TV. Her most amusing animal trait for me is her need to constantly chew on different wood-like sticks to make sure her teeth do not overgrow. Leda is an industrious shifter who is direct and commitment shy. Altion on the other hand is the epitome of sexy water fae in the shape of a merman. He dances erotically in the water to entice Leda to join him. She may pick up on his flirting but she is having none of it. Altion is looking to find his mate and just like water, he wears down Leda's resistance in a gently manner.

What I like about this series is that most of the stories have no major conflict that is heart breaking. Instead, these are tasty episodes featuring the life and times in a shifter/fae world. Readers get to experience a magical world and each book reveals a little more about this place I wish I could visit. Sometimes, I wish it really existed so that I could work there instead of my real day job. Ms. Masters creates a fabulous world where hard work is necessary but the benefits are all magical. In this one, it is even more appealing to me because I am a water lover. Everything described in the book has me salivating for more. I can visualize each place since it is described so clearly. This new water arc is going to be a blast. This short paranormal romance is recommended for water lovers who love happily ever afters.

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