Review: Abuse of Power

Abuse of Power @deloresswallows dark, dirty and delicious sex
Abuse of Power by Delores Swallows
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This title says it all. Sophie is now high on her sexual journey. Instead of a onetime tryst with another, Sophie starts a swinging lifestyle with Jim tagging along. The sex in this story is the only thing that saved it. Delores Swallows writes hawt poly sex and it is panty wetting. The plot and the characters pulls this story down for me.

I loathe Sophie. She is a cheating, selfish, self-righteous slut. She took something that could be fun and beautiful and made it nasty and cruel. The way she treats Joel in here is disappointing. I want to smack her upside the head. The ending of this story leaves it open to possibly another story. I'm not sure where it will go, but I don't think this relationship can be repaired. Trust has been breached and I do not like it.

If a third story were to occur, one could hope that it is with Sophie receiving her comeuppance and having to crawl back to Joel for forgiveness. Perhaps Joel would punish Sophie for a little bit which would make me happy.

The sex in here with Sophie screwing strangers and friends is pretty hot. From a voyeuristic point of view, it is just up my alley. From a sexual combination with f/f and ménage, it revs my engine. When it comes to Joel directing the sex scene with his wife Sophie as the plaything, I am in heaven. What takes me down is Sophie's bitchy and uncalled for response. She needs a good caning. Joel, find another woman who treats you with better respect. Divorce Sophie's cheating ass.

Recommended only for the erotic hawt scenes.

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Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure why I write such nasty characters, but if you think Sophie is selfish and cruel, you should meet Chloe in 'Web of Deceit' !
She is one mean piece of meat...

Again, I really appreciate you reading and reviewing my work - thanks.

Nasty characters are sometimes more fun to write. Usually if I know going in it is supposed to be a dark story, then I'm fine with nasty characters. When the story comes across as contemporary romance/erotica, then I'm not so down with the nasty character and just want to beat them!

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