Review: Beg for It

Beg for It Must buy spellbinding love story with heartbreak and what-if scenario @MEGAN_HART #
Beg for It by Megan Hart
My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

How do you slay me, Ms. Hart? Let me count the ways. As per my standard protocol, I did not read the blurb for this story. Why would I? All I need to know is that Ms. Hart wrote it. It is an automatic read. I did make sure I had enough time between the last time I read her book to when I read this one. Because I can only take so much emotional trauma at one time. This story hit all my inner emo-like goth buttons. I tried so hard not to shed a tear reading this story and utterly failed. Ms. Hart's writing always moves me. She is a master at tugging my heart strings and this book just reaffirms it.

I loved the characters in this book. Both Corinne and Reese pulled me in. Corinne is divorced mother of two. She put herself through college and worked her way up to the top at the small family owned company in her hometown. Things are falling apart in her life both professionally and personally. Still, she tries her best to get through the day. With all the solitude, she has plenty of time to regret and yearn for her lost love - her boy - the man she loved with all her heart. Reese is now a multi-millionaire. He buys up companies and either fixes them or breaks them apart and sells them for more. One could say, he possesses Midas's touch. He never settled down with a woman after he left Corinne. For him, she was always the one even if he could not have her.

When it comes to complicated relationships, Ms. Hart excels at creating them and giving the reader perspectives from both sides. In this love story, the issue isn't that they don't love each other. It is that they are the right people at the wrong time. And it may never be the right time because they want different things. They know how good it is to be together and yet due to their careers and where they want to be, it seems to be irreconcilable differences. This seems to be a no win situation.

The writing style in this story makes it that much more poignant for me. Ms. Hart compares past and present in a way that gives readers a glimpse into how Corinne and Reese first met. She cleverly parallels the two timelines to show the differences and similarities between then and now. This makes the loss of the love hurt deeper. When you know how good it was, lose it and then have a chance to get it back only to see it slip through your fingertips, would that break you? I think it would break me.

The sex in this book is phenomenal. Ms. Hart is one of those writers who slips BDSM into her stories as easily as it is to breathe in air. It is curious as she does not overtly mention BDSM. Nor does she make this story about BDSM. Instead, it is a personal intimacy between two characters and how they relate to each other sexually. One would assume since Reese is the rich one, he would be the dominant. Ms. Hart adds a couple of twists in here which makes this story more unique, refreshing and appealing. This story is multilayered, rich and moving. Recommended for erotic readers who enjoy lovers reuniting with a what-if scenario.

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