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Carpe Demon
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Carpe Demon by J.C. McKenzie
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The Romance Review

Seize the Demon? More like flee from the Demon.

Andy is back in book three which starts off pretty much right after the second book finishes. Do not read this book out of order. Read this series in order to enjoy it fully. As the new ambassador to the Vampires for the Supernatural Regulatory Division (SRD), Andy is neck deep in vampire politics. The Master Vampire for Vancouver, Lucien, is one of the main supporters of a demon-vampire alliance. Andy is there to ensure nothing happens. When a demon appears to destroy the treaty discussion, Andy is thrown into a loop when she faces a past demon foe.

This book hurts. Andy is put through the ringer as she needs to deal with a demon who was used to punish her during a dark period of her life. Added to this situation is another demon who wants to seduce Andy. Pimped out as a honeypot for Lucien to gather intel from the demons, Andy is constantly being used and abused. As if this were not enough, she is still stuck between a tug-o-war with Wick and Tristan. Andy's life is a train wreck as far as I'm concerned.

Ms. McKenzie creates a fast paced story with engaging characters, evil villains, questionable allies and heaps of sexual tension. This is a page turner as the reader learns more about Andy's past and what her feras can do. The world building continues with vampire backstabbing intrigue, witches gone wild and gods roaming earth. What more can happen? Andy does accomplish all she is tasked to do and more. What kills me is the ending. Whilst I may not like Wick as much as Tristan, what Andy does broke my heart. Did she make the wrong choice? Time will tell. It also makes me desperate to read the next book to see what happens.

This urban fantasy is recommended to romance lovers who enjoy action, angst and anomalous alliances.


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