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Dr. Daddy Dom @BlushingBooks for ageplay lovers who enjoy a lady who dost protests too much #bookreview
Dr. Daddy Dom by Breanna Hayse
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Neglected little girls get into mischief and need their naughty bottoms spanked. May is settled in with her Daddy and uncle. The problem now? Daddy is super busy at work and barely has time for little May. After her introduction to good sex, May is a horny minx all the time. Just one man is not enough to keep her satisfied and out of trouble. "Uncle" Layton is doing his best to make up for the lack of time spent with May's Daddy. It isn't working out.

This is the second book in the series and it can be read as standalone. For those who enjoy ageplay, this is a playful and light ageplay. The kink factor in here is sweet with spankings. The focus is more on the ageplay dynamic when it is off balance. Ms. Hayse does a good job of showing when there is a problem and getting to the underlying causes. Sometimes, even the little doesn't understand why she is so upset. And Daddy doms are not perfect. Sometimes they make mistakes too.

Whilst May is having issues, she is also trying to be a good friend to a woman new into the lifestyle. Savannah is on a path to self-destruction and also has real daddy issues. When her husband Ian comes to May's Daddy for help, Savannah learns there is a whole lifestyle out there, just right for her needs. This firm yet gentle seduction between Ian and Savannah is tasty, especially her protests against anal training. As they say, naughty girls take it hard in the ass. Only good girls are rewarded with pleasurable anal. Which is Savannah?

The conflicts in this story are believable. Using ageplay to help women who are out of control is a bit iffy, but it works here. The resolutions and the tie-ins is a bit unbelievable. Still, it ties up all the loose ends and there is a happily ever after. Recommended for ageplay lovers who enjoy a lady who dost protests too much.

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