Review: Flameout

Flameout@kezarthur a woman out for blood is dangerous. A phoenix out for vengeance is lethal. For UF readers who enjoy dark & gritty. #bookreview
 Flameout by Keri Arthur
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Emberly is back and she is not going to let anyone push her around. Book three in this dark, gritty series, Ms. Arthur does not hold back. It is one punch after another to bring Emberly to her knees. This story must be read after the first two. This is not a standalone story.

The book immediately dives into where the last one left off. Emberly is still working with Jackson to find the notes to cure the virus. Unfortunately for them, there are several different parties all trying to get Emberly to turn over any information they find. This story is fast pace yet slow at the same time. How is this possible? Emberly keeps adding on new enemies and not so friendly alliances whilst striking out in finding information she needs. It feels as if we are going nowhere fast. When the pieces are starting to fit together and Emberly is making headway, more conflict and obstacles arise. All of this is exhausting for both Emberly and Jackson and as the reader learns, fire needs to be fed.

The erotic aspects of this story are hot, literally. Fire is all consuming and necessary for Emberly to survive. The chemistry between Jackson and Emberly is sadly lacking. This is because their primary goal is to feed each other. The strained relationship between Emberly and Sam is more interesting. It is clear Emberly never wanted him to go just as it is clear, Sam regrets letting her go. Still, Sam can't get over his pride and constantly makes Emberly suffer. I still am not a fan of Sam, the self-righteous prig.

When it seems that all is solved and every thread is being tied off, one of the worst scenarios occurs. This caught me off guard even though it should not have. It is a Ms. Arthur story and I should expect having my heart hammered by a brutal blow. There are no happily ever afters for her characters. Her stories reflect the realities of life. It will be interesting to see what happens next because a woman out for blood is dangerous. A phoenix out for vengeance is lethal. Recommended for urban fantasy readers who enjoy dark, gritty fast paced stories with characters of questionable morals.

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