Review: Incognito

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Incognito by Lisabet Sarai
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Hiding one's identity is needed when one's sexual escapades are frowned upon by the stuffy business establishment. Miranda Cahill is working on her doctorate in English literature. Her chosen PhD subject is out of the ordinary. She postulates the erotic in Victorian times are firsthand accounts, not porn. Other scholars look down upon her because this is not "real literature".

I found this book to be very well written. Ms. Sarari does a fabulous job of showing the conflicts between personal and professional life. In addition, she brings to light a possible explanation of Victorian erotica which is thought provoking. Using her two characters, Miranda and Mark, Ms. Sarari explores the secretive underground sex culture. The writing technique is what charms me in this story. Miranda finds an old book which is a diary of sexual escapades from a "lady" of the manor. The increasing sexual exploration in the diary mirrors Miranda's adventures behind her mask. The parallels are well done and both end quite satisfactory. Without giving spoilers, let's say that Miranda and her diary's writer both find themselves seduced in similar manners by a masked man.

The sex in this story is smoking hawt. Every scene is arousing and elicits a moan of pleasure from the reader. Ms. Sarari certainly kinks up the sex. It is not BDSM, but it sure as hell is not vanilla. She plays with several fantasies, including incest. There isn't really incest, just a couple degrees of separation which only makes the sex even steamier. Ms. Sarari is known for her powerful erotica filled with delicious seductive imagery. This erotica is a well written and provocative. Highly recommended to erotica readers who enjoy a good plot and character building.


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