Review: Lessons in Love

Lessons in Love Lessons in Love by Kathryn R. Blake
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This is a mixed book for me. It has taken me a long time to write the review because it includes elements I am not fond of and had I know, I probably wouldn't have picked this book up for a review. Ms. Blake is a new to me author who does a credible job of writing domestic discipline from a romantic sweep my feet off fantasy perspective. Her writing voice is fine and her plot development works. Her characters situation killed it for me.

Pam Weston is a woman who received a totally raw deal. Her prison sentence reeks of incompetent lawyers. From my perspective, her mother and teachers did a disservice to her. Children should be protected not abused. This is a hot button for me. If you have issues or triggers with references to pedophilia, it is best to avoid this book. Pam is a strong character in some ways. She is also a person who is easily taken advantage of which is so clearly demonstrated in this book. Pam still has some issues with her past abuse, and what happens? She is hired into a company by a CEO who wants to take her under his stern patronizing hand. Let me think, abused child who now has a boss who misuses his authority. How is this even supposed to be remotely romantic? If this is dark erotic, I'd totally dig it. It is not. This is supposed to be romance. It came across as creepy stalker obsessive. It is one step away from beloved pet slaughtered and left on the door step creepy.

Let's look at Robert Peterson. He is a man who can have any woman, more or less. Who does he pick? He likes to "fix" women who have broken self-esteem through his brand of tough love. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Keep in mind, this man has no degree or training in helping others. He just believes his rules, spanking and caning will magically cure a woman to become a confident and independent woman. Yes, one must suspend disbelief to continue with this book. Robert is high handed, self-righteous and a bit condescending. He has all the earmarks of a domestic abuser. However, this is fiction so he is the rich alpha male taking control and giving Pam tough loving. For some, this is romantic. For me, it means jail time because I'd have killed Robert.

Now, I'm a fan of domestic discipline. I also love men who are dominating and who lay down the rules. This one came across a bit difficult to swallow because of Pam's background. If she wasn't so fucked up, it would have been sexy and erotic. As it is, it felt too predatory for a romance. Still, if one ignores Pam's history, the kinky domestic discipline scenes are erotic. Ms. Blake captures the essence of domestic discipline. Her execution is fine; it is the interpretation which leaves a jaded reader wanting. Recommended for kinky readers who love white knights saving a damsel theme.

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