Review: Over the Knee Anthology

Over the Knee Anthology Over the Knee Anthology by Ashe Barker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Arousing, enticing and sensual, six kinky authors invite a reader to experience the joys of spankings. These are not just any spankings, these are over the knee spankings (OTK). There is something more intimate about laying across a lap whilst being spanked with an implement or a bare hand. Each of these authors capture the pleasure and pain of these private experiences.

Ms. Barker kicks it off with an erotically explosive reunion between an estranged couple. The setup of this story is nicely done. The conflict is all too real and deftly resolved through some much needed domestic discipline. The characters are easy to relate with and the discipline scenes are panty wetting goodness. For uniform lovers, this one may tickle your fancy.

Naughty Ms. Harlem completely spices her story up with figging, possible exposure and deferred gratification. The sensual tension in this story is what makes it memorable. Ms. Harlem is known for her sexy scenes heating up the pages of a book. She delivers in this one. This husband and wife duo provide a hot example of how to keep the desire just below boiling point for hours. The scenes in here are realistic and may spark a few couples to try it out the next time they hold a dinner party.

New to me author Ms. Swann mixes business with pleasure in a safe and sane manner. Her characters are coworkers who find cross paths at a BDSM club. This scenario is actually more common than people think. The way the chance meeting plays out and ends with a delightfully red bottom and a fantastic editorial is glorious. If only more work relationships could be so smooth and sexy.

Ms. Zwaduk continues this erotic-fest with another work couple. This time, it is boss and subordinate. This power play is sexy, especially since it involves a mask and exclusive club. This story is more sweetly romantic and plays into many a submissive's fantasy. The BDSM scenes are a thrill for voyeurs.

Ms. Felthouse takes the reader back to a happily married couple who is not so happy. There are times when a husband cannot be a spanker due to various reasons. This one, due to health reasons causes a cease fire on spankings. This makes both husband and wife quite grumpy. This story is interesting because it shows what can happen when things are not ideal. Adjusting to lack of spankings can be hard in a kinky marriage and sometimes, the submissive may become a bit too bratty.

New to me author Ms. Watt finishes off the book in a smoking hawt librarian theme. This one is delicious with the teasing and coaxing of a shy librarian by a "lord of the manor". The setup is cleverly done and may cause creaming in a reader's knickers. The seduction of the librarian is masterfully done and features in many kinky reader's fantasies.

These six stories are all well-crafted with vivid descriptions. Each writer shows a unique writing voice which provocative spanking scenes. The BDSM may be light for some. They are all realistic and show a range from playful to strict. This spanking collection is recommended to kinky readers who love a nice red bottom.

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