Review: Punishing The Panda

Punishing The Panda (Kinky Kritters #1)
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Punishing The Panda by Caitlin Ricci

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Looking for something different? How about a Panda shifter who is sold off as a sexual submissive toy? This is the first in the Kinky Kritters series and it is delightful. Rodney is panda with a gambling problem. He owes money to the sharks. To get their money back, the sharks sell him to Lady Leo, proprietress of Kinky Kritters.

The world building of this story is clever and cute. Ms. Ricci incorporates the animalistic features into the shifters in this story. For example, the sharks give off a scent reminisce of fishy ocean. Rodney as a panda-were is slightly chunky and not so aggressive. The characters are fun as Rodney tries to understand what is going on whilst sexy Mordechai is lusting over him. Mordechai is a primal dominant ready to guide kink-virgin Rodney into some BDSM. The BDSM in here is more kinky fun then intense non-con or dub-con. The scenes are safe, sane and consensual. Ms. Ricci makes a point of showing Mordechai's unease as he learns more about Rodney's situation.

The conflict in this story is not unexpected as sharks, especially loan sharks are thugs and untrustworthy. The resolution is nicely done and helps set up for the next book in the series. This story is a nice balance between light and dark. Recommended for kinky paranormal romance readers who enjoy a prey and predator with a happily ever after.

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